Monday, 12 November 2012

Hi Everyone,
It's the night before the day I begin my journey.  I feel very strong in my mind and spirit and am ready to tackle and settle this battle once and for all!  I sincerely thank all of you for your lovely messages, emails and phone calls and find myself humbled by all the love!  Keep it coming!   Above all else as I told my 8 year old son Colman 'og--I do not walk alone on this journey.  I will walk with God by my side the entire time and if I ever get tired, stumble or fall-I have faith that God will carry me.  And I know that my dear mother Sheila will be holding me up and giving me strength in my weaknesses, struggles and moments of fear.  She was the ultimate warrior in her battle and I learned so much from her!

I love my husband Colman and our 4 beautiful children with all my heart and I know I have everything to fight for and to live for!
Thank you all again for everything and thanks for walking along with me on my journey.  I am confident that we will get there together and celebrate a great triumph!
All my heart, Heather

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