Monday, 31 December 2012

Happy New Year from the chemo chair!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to one and all! Sorry for the silence-- it was nothing personal I can assure you!

Where to begin?? Well, I managed chemo #3 and it is not that it is getting easier (on the contrary) but i seem to be managing it or accepting it better in order for it to take its course--understanding that i will feel like 'that' for a number of days but that i will feel better.... As I came out of the fog I was greeted by my dad and Susan who arrived in for a 2 week visit over Christmas! I was so happy to see them and it was so special sharing our Christmas together and watching the kids excitement mount in the days leading up to Christmas Day!

We managed to keep extra busy (no surprise there) and went into Galway city for some shopping, eating, merriment and a lovely choral Christmas carol concert!. This was in addition to all the kid's school shows! We also did a magical visit to Santa down in Bunratty castle which was spectacular!! I don't know who was the most excited between grown ups and children;-)

I think my favourite part of the chaos Christmas morning is listening to the excited exchanges among the kids as they wait for us to get out of bed!! All 4 were so funny guessing what might be downstairs at the Christmas tree for them and little Sheila kept saying 'I cannot believe it!' She hadn't even seen all the presents at that point-- she was only commenting on the extra decorations that Santa had hung up in the hallways:-). Needless to say, Santa did not disappoint-- in fact, he had gone quite mad with the number of pressies under the tree! Yikes- I must have a word with him for next year! Poor dad and Colman were taking things out of packages and placing stickers on toys for hours!!! But the kids were delighted with their loot!! We fell into bed that Christmas night wrecked tired but so happy as we recounted the comedic routines of the day!

I am sure I am leaving some things out but it was a blast and we were sad to see Grandpa and Nona leave on the 28th :(. We softened the blow by going up to colman's home place Carrick on Shannon to visit with his fun family and friends and had a lovely time!

Came back last night to face the music today of round 4--half way point! Not the most ideal way to spend New Years Eve but alas it has to be done!
Besides Colman and I are long past the point of toasting midnight-- we had loads of that craziness in our New York days! Tonight we hope to do a family movie night and likely I will be off to bed with the kids!
It's been so nice having the extra week off-- but I really needed it physically and mentally. I find the every 2 weeks very tough and it is getting harder psyching myself up for the sessions. At this point I can barely drive past the hospital without my stomach churning! My hair is gone, my head is cold but my wig is fabulous and I am repeatedly complimented on how well I look, how beautiful.... It's a good/bad thing really-- I enjoy and appreciate the compliments (who wouldn't) but I don't feel very fabulous or beautiful! And sometimes if I am being honest, I am scared too! Thankfully, those moments pass quickly and I buck up and take another step, another breath, firm in the resolve that I will get over this, through this and kick the ever-loving *{+^ out of it!

I really enjoyed the masses over the Christmas period. All the lovely music and carols are always a favourite but the theme of love and hope abounds! It gives us all such an opportunity to remember how much we are all loved by our friends and family near and far but above all else, how much we are loved by our Father in heaven! It gives me such joy and fills my heart with an overwhelming strength, calmness and love! I am extremely thankful for my faith which has brought me through and taught me so much in my life! For those of you who may be struggling, sad or lonely this time of year-- I pray that you will find the peace, joy and love that was born on Christmas Day-- that it will fill your heart and your life in the new year!

I promise that I won't let too much time pass before I write again-- I know some of you get worried when you don't hear from me!! Please continue to keep me and my family in your prayers! Colman has been so amazing and supportive throughout and I know I am truly blessed to have him in my life! I couldn't ask for a better friend and partner!

Lastly, thank you all for all the phone calls, texts, emails, cards etc etc-- we are truly humbled by your love, thoughts and prayers! I love you!

Always, Heather

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