Monday, 25 February 2013

Hallelujah honey!

Woo hoo!!! Well kind of!!! I am sitting in the chair receiving #8 of 8 chemo treatments! I never thought I would see the end of this tunnel and am extremely thankful to be here today!

It's been a long and windy road....(have that song in my head now) ...and my gallbladder is still being very naughty! It actually interrupted my date night this past Saturday! Bought tickets to see 'Lincoln' and made it to the restaurant when I was hit with attack #1. Went home, gave tix to the bbsitter, climbed into jammies, clutched hot water bottle and watched the avengers with our 2 older boys! had a second attack later as we watched the series 2 finale of downton abbey. colman reckons that despite the gallbladder it was a lovely date night!!! (he's always been easy to please!). Oh well, I have a lovely surprise planned for Colman this Friday to help celebrate the end of chemo and his birthday:-)

I have to tell you that we have been absolutely humbled and deeply touched by all of you that have reached out to us with words and prayers! I have heard from childhood friends, high school friends, work colleagues, friends of friends...the list goes on! A lady from our children's school who is on the parent council said they want to organise a healing mass for me before surgery! Regardless, Colman and I realise that we are truly blessed by God to count you all as our true friends! What an amazing journey it has been to date!! But made very special and ingrained in our hearts that we have been carried and loved the entire way by all of you! Words will never adequately express our gratitude to all of you! Just know that you give me the strength to face it and kick it!

I will have a busy few weeks full of scans, results, appointments preparing for surgery, etc. Keep the prayers flowing and know that both Colman and I offer our prayers of thanksgiving and blessings for you and your families! Thank you all for being such a great inspiration!

I'll be in touch soon and let you know what happens next!

All my love,


Shawn Landry said...

Heather - you are the real inspiration! Will continue to keep you in my prayers.

Jackie said...

Hi Heather. At Princess Margaret Hospital in Toronto there is a big ship's bell in the chemo clinic. When you finish your last chemo clinic, you ring the bell. I rang it so hard and so loud, I swear people could hear it for miles. So happy for you that you are done with chemo. Better days are ahead. In my thoughts and prayers. Jackie