Friday, 30 November 2012

A bit rough around the edges

Hi all,
Well...chemo #2 down and if you asked me if I was going back for #'s3-8 I would tell you 'No Way!'. Of course we all know that I will, but still if I could find a way to do a runner I would!! When you go for chemo, all the nurses are dressed in Hazmat aprons, goggles and gloves while they handle the drugs that will be injected into your body-- how safe can that be exactly?? I seem to be the youngest person in the room--again! It is interesting to feel the unspoken support that you have for your fellow chemo recipients. While we can close our curtains around us for privacy, nobody does. We are all sharing this very intense and personal battle with fellow warriors and offering words of encouragement and support at the end of the day when we are going off to fight the worst of the chemo battle at home! Such a strange yet beautiful thing to see strangers unite in such a way!
Now having said all that negative stuff, every day I do feel a bit better than the previous day so there is hope that by the end if this weekend I might be feeling a bit more like myself again and ready to take down #'s 3-8! Just right now, I am feeling a little rough around the edges.
I think the biggest challenge to date for me is having the children see me when I am low. They are being so good but struggle to see mommy unable to do the simplest of things with them like reading a bedtime story! Brendan informed me that he doesn't think I have a very good doctor as the medicine is stinky and is making me sick! I didn't actually look sick until now and I know the kids are struggling with that as well.
Please continue to pray for us-- we really appreciate all your prayers of support! I thank God for my wonderful husband who is just incredibly supportive, positive and loving at all times and for the kids-- who can make me laugh even when I didn't think I could and for all my family and friends--- I love you I love you I love you!
Always, H


Karn Fel said...

Hang in there Heather! You CAN and WILL beat this! We continue to send our love and prayers - and think of you every day! Let us know if there is anything we can do! We love you, love you, love you too!

Susiedaisy said...

I know this is rough. You are strong. In the midst of the struggle, find the itsy bit of blessings and count them....and you will get through and triumph!! We continue, daily, to pray for you. We love you. Soon, you will look back and say "I did it!!" Continue to kick cancer's ass and know, that we have your back.

Aunt Denise said...

Dear Heather,
Hope you are feeling better since chemo round #2. You are in my thoughts daily. Want you to know I think you look great with your new haircut! (Lookin' pretty svelt too!) I'm glad to hear your Dad and Susan will be there with you and your family over Christmas and Erin following shortly thereafter. I'm sure they will be a big help when you are having your "down days" after chemo. Also love all the little movies your Dad forwards to me...Sheila loves underpants was just precious!