Monday, 26 November 2012

Wow! My head is cold!

Ok kids- Colman always says to start any letter with a bit of positive news so... We had an absolutely brilliant thanksgiving celebration at our house this weekend that lasted 2 days! A special shout out to the Gately clan for getting into the true spirit of my favourite American holiday! The house was filled with the joy, love and laughter of 16 adults and 13 children and we loved every second of it:-) we had so much food that it allowed us to do all of it again on Sunday! Indeed, Colman and I feel truly blessed and loved!

So, I woke this morning with my plan in place. Today was the day that I would say goodbye (for now) to my lovely copper red hair. I shed a tear or a few tears (damn vanity!) and told my young fellas that today when they got home that mommy's hair would look like she went to Fat Tony's barber shop. But it's ok because won't I still be beautiful? To which my 8 yr old replied in all seriousness, ' are going to look like a man with strong breasts' --well I laughed out loud (which made him smile and laugh) and when I turned to leave the room, he added 'with a big bum!' aaahhhh from the mouth of babes! But goodness, it felt great to laugh about it. In the end, all the boys agreed that mommy still looks beautiful and they are enjoying feeling the remaining stubble!
Tomorrow is day 2 of 8 cycles. I am apprehensive as most of the 'unknowns' about treatment have been realised and it turns out that I am very sensitive to the chemo drugs and have endured all of the side effects possible. The doctor has assured me that they will mix things up this time to help my body manage better so i am hopeful that he is successful in his chemistry stir up!
While I am apprehensive, I am also strong of faith and mind. I have been so uplifted and sustained by all of the well wishes and prayers. You like me, you REALLY like me!!!! And I love you!

I am putting my anxiety, pain and worry and laying it at the foot of the cross as much as possible. I believe that God is walking by my side as well as His army of guardian angels! I am never alone and I will kick back this time!!

'Cancer cannot cripple God's love. For when we are most afraid, His love calms us; when we feel abandoned, He surrounds us in His presence; when we feel we have lost our way, He lights up the darkness; when we are restless with pain, He soothes us with His touch; when we lose heart, thinking we will never be well again, He restores our soul'. Thanks be to God:-)
All my heart,


Susiedaisy said...

I can send you some truly heinous hats I've knitted. They are highly imperfect but very warm and cozy. If you want to get a chuckle from your besties wear one of my designs. You are on the top of our prayer list and always in our hearts. Keep laughing. I heard somewhere that it is the best medicine. It sounds like you are receiving great care. You are loved, that's for sure. Hey....remember "I like big butts"?!?!?!? Download it and teach those adorable cherubs that dance!!! Then send us the video!!! Oh please Auntie Heather!!!! Love you!

Karn Fel said...

You are beautiful with hair or without! They say when it grows back in that sometimes it changes ... i.e. texture or colour or both! Wonder if that will happen to you? A straight haired blonde??? But didn't like your hair straghtened for Chrissy's wedding... so maybe not - but I thought you looked like Jennifer Aniston when it was straight and there's nothing wrong with that! Good luck Heather in Round 2 - we continue to pray and send our love over the ocean! :) You can get through are strong...especially now that you're a man with boobs and a bum! I love your kids! LOL Go get'em girl!!!! Lots of Love from all the Calway clan!

Anonymous said...

Heather -

Love from all the Souliers here in Milford. Prayers and good thoughts to you and your beautiful family every day!