Sunday, 18 November 2012

Email test

Happy Sunday! Feeling more and more like myself every day thank God!!
Colman is working furiously to bring my tech skills into the 21st century and asked me to try and post this from my phone! Egads! What will they think of next? Rest assured Colman Gately will be 'on it'
Just a bit of humour from a conversation with dad and Susan last night. I was telling them about the awful taste and coating in my mouth and tongue and Colman piped up that it was like 'athlete's foot' of the mouth and dad piped up 'be thankful that it's not jock itch!'. Crude but boys will be boys and it did make me LOL!
I am so thankful to God for making it through week 1 and for surrounding me in the light of His loving angels in heaven and here on earth!
Did I write enough Colman for the test?

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Erin Walter said...

Very glad your mouth has the athletes foot taste instead of jock itch! Love love love you!!!!!

Karn Fel said...

OK - trying once more to see if I can send you a message on this blog....

Karn Fel said...

Hurray! It worked! Well Heather I am very proud of myself...and you to actually work this thing! Fantastic site and awesome idea - thanks very much Colman! Glad to hear you are starting to feel a bit are strong girl - and we know you can do this! The whole of the Calway clan is behind you .... sayin' our prayers and sending you all the love we can. When you are feeling down just remember our time with you in Ireland at the castle when we sat in the music room and you serenaded us and Colman played the piano and Andrea was sitting there all comfy in her hotel bathrobe, slippers and funky irish stockings! Couldn't have been a better time! Love you lots and thinking of you! Keep the updates coming! Love Karen

Colman said...

Sorry Karen, As much as I agree its a great way for Heather to talk to a lot of her peeps at once, it was not my idea.
No, it was the other Karen in her life, Karen Kamensak in little old Hamburg that recommended this as a tool when we were over a few months ago to celebrate her recent nuptuals to Pierre, chef extrordinaire!
Kudos, Karen K.

Karn Fel said...

Hey Colman - you didn't have to tell us that! "Karen's" are smart people you know - so it doesn't surprise me! LOL
Hang in there my man...its a tough road you guys are travelling - call us is you need us!
Love Karen