Sunday, 27 January 2013

Home sweet home

Hi lads and lassies,
Just to give you the latest--I was sent home yesterday afternoon. The doctor came in to see me and was going to keep me until Sunday until I gave him the puss in boots/big eyes welling up with tears! Thankfully he consented for me to go home as long as I take it easy and take all the meds. Yeah! I don't know who is happiest me, Colman or the kids:-)

So, I have little stones and some sludge in my gallbladder likely a casualty of chemo. It will have to be removed later this year after I finish taking care of the business at hand! Hopefully it won't kick up again--please God!!

So back in tomorrow for chemo #6! Colman's mom Kitty is coming down and staying this week to lend an extra hand as I am a bit depleted of energy after my 'well' week! I was robbed I tell ya!

Love to you and thanks again for all your prayers!
Always, Heather


Danette Connolly said...

Sorry to hear you have had a rough few days. Glad you have escaped home. THinking of you. Dx

Susie Kennedy-Gray said...

Man oh man, Heather!!! Lots of prayers shooting your way like a big giant firework display, over the polar ice cap and landing over your head in a big shower of love and light. I've been cleaning out my office and came across a little scrap sheet of paper that Michael wrote back in High School Biology class. He must have been bored that day and decided to write some corny Biology-related jokes (because who doesn't find Cell Biology completely hilarious?!?!) Here's a few you can share with your Dr. or nurse tomorrow:
What is DNA strand's favorite dance?
The twist!!! (I'll wait a few minutes while you stop cry-laughing)
How do cells communicate.....
Cell phones!
What is the most powerful part of a cell?
Mighty (mito) Chondrea!
What cell part can really get in your hair?
Lice (lys) sosomes!!!
......Is this mike on?..... thank you so much, I'll be here all week!!
Love you! stay strong and be good to yourself!
p.s. we have a new puppy. her name is Daisy. she is super cute. she pees a lot.

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear you made it through this 'little side adventure'!!!! and that you are home and ready to start on the next step of your bigger adventure! Never a dull moment with you girl! Hang in there - lots of love and prayers coming your way! Love you lots - the Felsteads, Calways, Buntings, Coutos...etc. etc.! :)