Friday, 25 January 2013

Well week where are you???

As I write this to you from my hospital bed I have to sit and wonder, what happened to my well week??? I'm supposed to be lunching with ladies!!! And dressing up! Not this time says my body!
Just a little update: since Christmas I have had a severe pain in my stomach that squeezes my chest/sternum. Very painful but usually subsides shortly after it starts . After the New Year's Eve treatment it happened again and lasted overnight but again, it would subside and was manageable. This time around I haven't been as lucky! Last Monday it came back and put my entire stomach into a spasm for 90 minutes. It was truly terrifying as I couldn't breathe and could find no comfort. Colman was up on Dublin overnight for a meeting so we had to call in a Calvary! Our babysitter Christina was brilliant and fortunately the kids were unaware of the entire episode which I am eternally grateful as it likely would have scared them indefinitely! My friend Mary, a nurse, rushed over and took control of the situation and managed to stop the spasm. Colman's brother Kevin came rushing over to do whatever was asked of him(drive to hospital/stay with kids) and our brilliant, always loving and ever dedicated child minder Libby came back to our house to stay the night with me and help get the kids off to school the next morning. After this episode, I was completely out of it and depleted of energy. I was told to go to my GP to have it investigated and luckily(?!) the pain returned on the way to the dr's and he was able to see it first hand. Off to A&E to then be admitted to hospital as my body is fighting some infection and they think it has to do with my gallbladder and my liver function seems to be affected as well. Will know more today but asking for your prayers in the meantime!!! I feel all right bit heart is missing the kids terribly! Hope to be sent home no later than tomorrow as I am due back for chemo #6 on Monday and just want to get closer to the finish line!!
Now I didn't share this with you to worry you but just to keep you on the loop!!! I am not worried--it is just an infection and I am being treated for it!
Love you all and thank you so much for all of your love, prayers, support and encouragement!

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Anonymous said...

OMG Heather - what rotten luck!
Hang in there Buddy - you will fight this...and get through it - you are strong! We always remember you in our prayers - but will say a little extra to get you through this. Such wonderful friends and family you have - what a wonderful support network! And don't worry about your kids ....although you may miss them terribly - I am sure they are being totally spoilt and enjoying themselves....albeit I'm sure you'll have a kings welcome when you get home! Keep up the fight - love you lots! Felsteads and Calways and Coutos and Sandeys! :)